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Quantitative Typology: a practical introduction into data exploration and visualization using R

Gerhard Jäger

Course description

The programming language R has become the de facto standard for statistical modeling in academic research. There are several reasons for this, including the following
The first two sessions of the course will give a brief tutorial on the basic functionality of R - interactive sessions, program flow control, data handling, graphics etc. The remainder of the course will deal with exploratory data analysis and modeling using typological data from the World Color Survey and the World Atlas of Language Structure.


date topic readings program code
08/31 interactive R sessions, data frames.
Baayen 2008, chapter 1
script from class, verbs.txt, verbs.csv

09/01 working with data frames, data digging in the world color survey Baayen 2008, chapter 1 (cont.)
Jäger (2010a,b)
heid.txt, heid.csv
Baayen, chapter 1, exercises (page 20 in the pdf version, page 19 in the printed book)
09/02 data digging in the world color survey

09/03 power laws in linguistic typology