Mathematical and computational models of language evolution

part of the DGfS Sommerschule 2013 "Sprachentwicklung: Evolution, Wandel Erwerb", Berlin, August 2013

Gerhard Jäger


date topic literature
Monday,  August 12
History of evolutionary thought in biology
Futuyma 1998, chapter 2
Tuesday, August 13
Doing computer simulations with R
R-script from class

Jones et al. 2009, chapter 1-6, 14/15

Wednesday, August 14
Universal Darwinism and the Price equation
R-script from class
Clark 2010
Jäger 2008
Thursday, August 15
Game theory: basics
R-script from class

Friday, August 16
Evolutionary game theory

Monday, August 19
Signaling games
Tuesday, August 20
Applications: case marking, vowel systems, sim-max games
Wednesday, August 21
Evolution of signaling games in spatially structured  populations (guest lecture by Roland  Mühlenbernd)